Pure Reiki Healing Mastery.

Pure Reiki Healing Mastery

The system of natural healing Reiki is one of the oldest and the most well-known today. It is based on the transfer of universal life energy that creates and sustains all living things in the Universe. Reiki is an effective holistic method of healing that works on all levels of being: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Reiki can guide, support and lead every person. Reiki supports all that we do and gently leads us along our path; we face only the tasks that we can perform…

Pure Natural Healing.

Pure Natural Healing

The human body has more than 600 active points, it is necessary to know when and under what diseases you can influence these points. The method of nine points is a method of daily preventive measures that restores the impaired functions of organs and activates the body’s defenses. All family members should own the method. It’s fine, when a woman makes it to a man and vice versa. More information about this method of treatment of various diseases can be found in the book “Pure Natural Healing”. This compilation of material will be indispensable in the life of every person. We all can get sick sometimes and natural treatment is much better for the body than taking pills or prescription drugs…

Natural Synergy.

Natural Synergy

Natural Synergy is a comprehensive healing guide that does not rely on any type of medication or elaborate treatment. There are three eBooks and a mobile app along with the natural healing guide. You can gain complete access by clicking the link below. Download the complete natural healing system by Emily Parker today!…