Bar Brothers.

Bar Brothers System

Do you know what the most difficult thing in training? Do you think it is squatting with a weight of 250 kg? No. Not at all. For most athletes, the most difficult thing is to begin to pack the bag to go to the gym! Of course, it sounds strange. Why is putting things in a bag incredibly heavy, heavier than squatting with 250 kilograms on your shoulders? Why did you suddenly get sick of going to the gym? If you have this situation, it means that you did something wrong. You don’t have the proper training or commitment. You did not properly distribute the load in your training cycle; you did not pick the weight correctly and chose the wrong exercises…

Forbidden Fitness Secrets of A Modern Day Ninja Warrior.

Forbidden Fitness Secrets of A Modern Day Ninja Warrior

Utilized by the legendary Shadow Warriors of Japan, “Forbidden Fitness Secrets of A Modern Day Ninja Warrior” blows open the door on things that have been hidden from the public at large for years. Reinforce your joints while dramatically improving other parts of your body. Ryan Murdock’s program is going to give you some powerhouse benefits. One of the coolest things about his system is the fact that these things kick in quite quickly, when it comes to the benefits. You are going to look and feel better than you have in a very long time. Your overall performance in most of your life is going to improve on a dramatic scale, as well…

Downrange Density.

Downrange Density

Want to discover a fitness program for real men? Then I’m glad to introduce you to the “Downrange Density” eBook training program. This technique combines weightlifting, kettlebell lifting, running, rowing, gymnastics, swimming. This diversity allows the athlete to develop and improve his body evenly and fully. This training system by Scott Sonnon develops and strengthens a person in ten areas: cardiovascular system, respiratory system, strength, power, endurance, speed, co-ordination, adaptation to changing loads, balance, and accuracy. The principles laid down in the foundation of this program, allow it to engage people of different ages and different initial physical training. The combination of different sports does not leave unattended any muscle group and allows you to get maximum benefit from each session. This method of training is used not only for sports purposes but for health promotion too…