Mind Secrets Exposed.

Mind Secrets Exposed

How to become a successful person? Who is it – a successful person? What is success and is it the same for everyone? These questions have been on the minds of many people. No wonder! Achieving success in career, personal and social life is well worth it if you can achieve it. Each person has their own concept of success, and you can often meet people who utter the phrase: “I want to be successful”. When you ask them: “Tell me please, what does the word “success “ mean to you, what is behind it?”, they shrug and say…

The Power of Focus.

The Power of Focus

Any human has a lot of goals and objectives in their life. Earning money for your life, thinking about your health, going to the theater, and thousands of other different other things. And you, how many tasks do you have for today? I think that too much. How not to get lost in their quantity, how not to waste your energy? How to achieve everything you want? This question is faced by many of us. After all, the time factor in life is very important. What to do? In the new book “Power of Focus” you will find answers to these and other questions…

Seven Minute Mindfulness.

Seven Minute Mindfulness

Each of us becomes a kind of sceptic when he hears phrases like “put order around to attract good luck”. Of course, you do not have to believe in the laws of universal attraction, feng shui, methods of attracting luck and consider it all nonsense, but the fact remains that the rule works. We all want more money, fame, recognition, love, luck, delicious food. And what if it already stands on your doorstep, but can not enter in any way, because there is simply no place for? It’s like in that anecdote, when everyone demands change, but nobody wants to change…