The Social Reprogramming Method

RadekLife is fraught with many people almost on a daily basis struggling with shyness, especially each time we have to make a big step from our own comfort zone. This is followed by tedious experiences constant with anxiety and a deep sense of insecurity. The inner critic starts to repeat: “I am too stupid, ugly, young … It will not work. Everyone will laugh, or they won’t even look … “. Are you tired of such a state? Then be sure to download the “The Social Reprogramming Method” and your self-doubt will come to an end! Why do we find ourselves immersed in such deep meditation? What’s so bad that may happen to us? We are simply afraid of failure. Most fear failure so much that they prefer not to risk it. Even worse – the risk becomes so big that you try to avoid it at all costs. And the habit is formed.

We have deprived ourselves of the opportunity to stop, suspended from other people, so that they could contact us and respond to our actions. Fear of rejection is normal. Everyone has periods of self-doubt: for some it is just for a second, for others it can be for longer. Fear is a test: it means you have to pay for something with your attention, you need to gain the confidence to hold your fist out and collect and not get lost in self doubt. Doubt comes not only from the inner critic, but also from outside: from friends, family and the “good wishers” who are trying in every way to protect you from danger and keep you in your (or their own) comfort zone. Trust yourself, look into the eyes of your own fear, do not succumb to public appeal “to be like everyone else”. As you can see, not everything is so bad and there is a solution. I am confident that after a while you, dear reader, will become different.

The Social Reprogramming Method.
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