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How to save electricity at home? Big question, but you can learn more from the eBook “The Nomad Power System”. Unfortunately, no a single person can manage to save on energy by simply pressing a button or a switch. Of course, you can completely turn off the electricity supply, but how long will a person live in a de-energized apartment? It is unlikely that someone will be satisfied, so the question of how to save electricity at home is of great concern to many people.

Why does electricity rise in price?

Until recently, when energy resources were not worth so much, few of us thought about the need to save electricity. But with the periodic rise in the cost of energy in the bills that each US citizen receives, came a tendency to increase payments not only for heat, gas and water, but also for electricity and this is one of the factors that affect the fact that both rural and urban residents are beginning to worry about how to save electricity in an apartment, private house, cottage and their business.

The increase in tariffs is due to the fact that the amount of energy resources on the planet decreases and the cost of their production increases, so they rise in price almost every year. Unfortunately, the wages of most people are lagging far behind the tariffs being charged and for a lot of people they are starting to feel the pinch in their budget.

But electricity costs are rising for other reasons too – people who live in apartments and houses have more and more electrical appliances. Accordingly, the load on transformer substations, which often have to be repaired or a more powerful one has to be installed increases. Power lines and transformer substations simply do not withstand ever-increasing loads, since they were installed 50-70 years ago and they are not designed for such a load. To be fair, it should be noted that inflation is also the reason for the increase in energy prices along with tax increases.

Why is it so important to save electricity?

Americans who are thinking about how to save electricity in an apartment should know that this issue is not limited to the increase in tariffs. Although for each person it is very important, because it affects the family budget.

At the expense of saving electricity, consumption of natural resources, which are not limitless, will decrease – they become more and more depleted every year. At the same time, the emission of harmful substances both to the atmosphere and to water sources will decrease. Thanks to this, one can make a feasible contribution to the preservation of rivers, lakes and forests. In addition, due to the fact that the amount of harmful substances will be reduced, the health of the nation will be maintained. So if every American learns how to save electricity in their apartment, then not only he, but also the state as a whole, will benefit from it.

Energy savings by replacing light bulbs

You can save electricity in apartments in various ways. Today, no apartment is complete without light bulbs that are in every room. Is it possible to save something on them? Of course it is possible, low energy light bulbs use less energy and they last a lot longer too. But we can also work out how much energy we use. Let’s take an ordinary chandelier with four standard shades and calculate how much electricity each lamp uses.

Usually lamps are installed in chandeliers from 80 to 100 watts. And if there are 4 lamps in the chandelier, then, accordingly, each hour the chandelier consumes up to 400 watts. Is it a lot or a little? Of course, if the chandelier does not burn all day, then it is not so noticeable. But considering we usually turn it on in the evening in which case it can burn for several hours, it is necessary to calculate how much electricity this chandelier uses for the entire month and immediately make the positive decision to go to the store and buy energy-saving light bulbs.

Of course, they are expensive compared to incandescent bulbs. But then their service life is much longer too. If you install energy-saving light bulbs, you can significantly save a lot of energy in a month. But you can save it even more if you do not use incandescent lamps or energy-saving lamps, but install LEDs that consume even less electricity. They have a service life of up to 4 years, which also needs to be considered. If you install these in all of your rooms, then you can save electricity costs by up to a third. Dear readers, download the eBook “The Nomad Power System” by Hank Tharp and you will discover a unique method of saving electricity at home.

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