The Desire Protocol

Hope things are goin’ good, this is Emily Wood again, and I just want to tell you about this one test every woman throws out and that most guys fail. Most guys always say they’re looking for a girl that “Doesn’t play games”, but the reality is that all girls play games and all girls test you – all the time – no matter what. This is just a reality you’re going to have to deal with.

The problem is that most guys don’t even know when they’re being tested. One deadly test women throw out pretty early on in any relationship or dating scenario is the “Compliance test”. this is where she will test your breaking point – the point at which you tell her “No”. Think back to your past encounters with women. Did she ask you to hold her purse? Go get her a coffee? Carry that thing for her? Come and meet her or do something with her even though you said you’re busy? The list goes on.

They’re all compliance tests. In order to pass this test, you have to shut it down immediately. The higher your breaking point, the more of a pushover you are, the less independent you are, then the more she thinks you’re weak and not worth her time. If a girl asks you, for example, “Can you go get me a coffee?” your response should be, “You have two hands and a job I ‘m sure you can get a coffee – I ‘ve got [x thing] to do”.

Most guys are terrified of doing this because they have the wrong mentality – that they should be the ones to gain approval from a woman, when really the reverse is true. If a woman sees that you pass her compliance test, you immediately separate yourself from every other guy, which creates intense desire within her. Don’t believe me? Read this guide asap – “The Desire Protocol”, it will explain everything and I promise, by the end of it, your dating game is going to be ten times better and you’ll be able to create desire within any woman you meet.

Imagine that you have a kid sister that all the guys think is hot, but because you’re her older brother you don’t care. So, what do you do? You tease her, you make fun of her, you challenge her, and you act like she’s just a cute little kid – your kid sister and you’ll always be the older brother. This is exactly the mentality you need to have with all women. If you can tease and shoot the s**t with the hottest girl in the room without feeling the need to impress her, you’re going to come off as the most confident guy there.

While all the other guys are trying to impress her – you don’t give a s**t. This will make her desire you that much more. When you make her feel small, you’ll make her the one that tries to impress you. Click the link below for a full eBook on how to make women desire you using tactics just like this. It’s going to completely revolutionise your life and you’re never going to have problems with women again (except that you have too many trying to get your d**k)!

The Desire Protocol.
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