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The Handcrafter’s Companion.

The Handcrafter’s Companion

Regardless of whether or not you’ve been dreaming about making your own luxury soaps, bath bombs, beauty creams, or fragrance products to use in your bathtub or to give as gifts to friends and family – or if you’ve been looking to make the same kinds of products to build a bit of a side income locally or online – “The Handcrafter’s Companion” program is going to show you ALL of the inside information and crafter’s secrets you need to become successful!..

Beekeeping 101.

Beekeeping 101

Thousands of people in the US alone have been learning the ancient craft of beekeeping, not only to help support the dwindling population of our honeybees but also to pad their pockets with plenty of profit as the “shop local” movement has exploded in popularity. There aren’t many things more rewarding as far as hobbies are concerned than sitting on your back porch, looking out over your beehives, and watching as honeybees flit from one flower to the next – collecting pollen that will inevitably be turned into honey – delicious, organic, home “grown” honey!…


The Hypertufa How-To Manual

Hypertufa garden art objects are absolutely incredible, regardless of the specific piece you are talking about. These pieces offer unique, considerable aesthetic charm. They can also be used to create a stunning impression with just about any space you can imagine. People love these pieces, but many individuals feel as though they just can’t create such items on their own. They feel that they just aren’t handy or creative enough…